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Updated: Sep 8, 2017

Quote of the Day: Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would rather have talked. — Mark Twain

I like to say that I’m the “Grandma Moses of writing.” I wrote my first book when I was 73 years old — and that was just last year. My memoir is entitled Screw the Eggshells — Finding My Self After Verbal and Emotional Abuse. My book is being published with the help of Concierge Marketing & Publishing Services of Omaha. Publication date is September 12. More about the book in future blogs. You can pre-order it on this website.

I’m a columnist for the Lincoln 55Plus senior quarterly newspaper. My column is titled “A Lincoln Life” because I’ve lived my entire life in Lincoln, NE. Copies of columns, along with other poems and articles, are included on the website under the heading “Media.”

I’m a Pisces born in March. The typical description of a Pisces fits me pretty well — introverted, sympathetic, intuitive and creative. I enjoy small group interaction to discuss important and meaningful issues. However, I also need alone time to rejuvenate my spirit.

And what else? It’s obvious I am a “senior citizen” (don’t dare to use the term “elderly” around me). I’m active, live in a small retirement community, and love to travel. My two obsessions (besides writing/reading) are the beach and elephants. I’m involved in a unique twenty-seven-year relationship with my significant other, although we aren’t married and don’t live together. More than you wanted to know about this newbie blogger?

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Action for the Week: Listen to and respect one another.

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