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Screw the Eggshells

Updated: Sep 8, 2017

Quote of the day:
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

The title of my first book is Screw the Eggshells, Finding My Self After Verbal and Emotional Abuse. Why have I also used it as my blog title?

If I tell women of any age the title of my book, they look at me knowingly and nod their heads in agreement. They know what it means to “walk on eggshells” — tiptoeing around certain subjects, editing your words, afraid to say what you really feel.

In my younger days I was a “people pleaser.” I wanted people to like me. I didn’t want to upset anyone with my words or actions. I almost lost my genuine self by letting others take control of my attitudes about fairness, truth and even my likes and dislikes.

Well, that will not happen here. I will give you my honest opinions and ideas. However, I will try to do so with kindness and sometimes humor. Because, as my book describes, I am no longer walking on eggshells around any issue (except perhaps politics).

This blog will not be one-dimensional. I will talk about things that are happening in my life (both frustrating and joyful), about my writing journey, the joys and pitfalls of aging, the beach and the sea, memories of the past, and whatever topics may be relevant.

I hope my words inspire you, make you mull over ideas, and sometimes have a laugh. I like to interact with my readers, so please send me any comments or suggest future topics for discussion.

Action for the Week: Don’t hide behind a mask; be who you are.

And we’re off……..

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