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Roller Coaster Ride of Story Telling

Quote of the Day: Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. - Henry Miller

And what I’ve discovered is that being a writer is a roller coaster ride — one day you’re on top of the world because of something someone has said about your book. But just as quickly, you find yourself as low as you can be, in a deep ravine with steep sides - you’ll never get out; your book is terrible and your writing is amateurish. And I’ve also learned that there’s more to being an author than just writing.

I am now involved in the marketing process which is the second act after the writing-publishing journey. It’s an important process if you want to be successful and involves book signings, readings, tie-ins with appropriate organizations, speaking engagements, visiting book clubs, blogging, and any other possible ways you can think of to promote your book.

Along with the marketing stage of the publication journey, most authors will already be thinking about their next writing project. I try to keep writing every day. I’ve given myself this exercise in discipline — at least one hour of actual writing every day, even if it’s just about whatever is happening in my life now. And right now instead of feeling overjoyed at my accomplishment of having finished my first book, I actually am feeling a little sad that the story-telling is over. I love writing stories, whether they’re my own or someone else’s. It’s a wonderful literary journey to undertake —never really sure of where you’re going or where you might end up. That’s my favorite part about writing.

You can sit down and think you know what you want to say, but once your fingers start dancing over the computer keyboard and you see those words magically appear in front of you, it can lead the writer in a completely new direction. Ideas may enter your mind during the strangest times. For me, it often happens when I’m alone exercising in our community workout room. No television, no artificial light, just me and the machine. Many ideas have popped into my head during those times, and then I have to race upstairs and get the ideas down on paper (or in my case, typed into the computer) so I don’t forget — which is one of the pitfalls of aging sometimes.

To learn more about my book, go to my website karenstork.com or visit my Facebook Author page, Karen Heckman Stork, Author. I enjoy hearing from both readers and other writers.

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