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Publication Journey

Quote of the Day: I write because I can’t NOT write…. Jodi Picoult

Today is THE red-letter day, September 12, 2017 — my memoir, my first published book, is now available for anyone who wants to read it. You can buy it on Amazon.com or from me on my website www.karenstork.com. It’s been a long, sometimes arduous, sometimes joyful 20-month journey to finally fulfill my 53-year-old dream of being a published author.

I began this current publishing journey in 2016 while spending a month in Florida in my favorite environment — the beach and the ocean. That confluence of sea, sand and sky is my sanctuary, my safe place where creativity flourishes. I enjoy writing daily 17-syllable haikus whenever I’m at the beach. Although I’ve done various kinds of writing throughout my life and even had a small poetry writing business for a few years, I’ve never considered myself a writer until now, because I never was a published author.

I really can’t explain what was different in February, 2016, why I finally felt ready to share my story. There was no particular catalyst, but perhaps just the realization about time passing. If I was ready to put in the time and the work, I could scratch off my bucket list one of my most cherished dreams — writing a book about my life. I started to seriously think about my moldy dream, an idea that had festered and moved ever forward in my brain for years while other important milestones were reached and surpassed. I’d resurrected that dream a few times with a new business and some individual writing projects through the years, but in 2016 it was time to get serious if it was ever going to happen.

I spent that month in 2016 outlining a possible book and figuring out how to tell my story. The final product did not appear until the end of 2016. The title (“Screw the Eggshells — Finding My Self after Verbal and Emotions Abuse”) did nit arrive in all its glory until spring of 2017. So there you have my journey from mind to paper (or more correctly, computer). I hope you will find my story instructive, uplifting and worthwhile.

My hope is that this book might be a cautionary tale for young women that there are many kinds of abuse besides physical violence. I want them to understand what love does not look like. Controlling behavior and verbal abuse are killers of one’s self-image and destroyers of self-confidence. I want all women to value their own worth and not give away any of their hopes and dreams to someone who may not truly understand them or deserve their love.

Recently I had a small launch party for my “peeps” in the Omaha area of Nebraska. I had my first reading in front of a friendly, supportive crowd. The picture shows this fantastic group, and I thank them all for their tremendous support and good wishes.

Action of the Week: Forgive me for my commercialism, but — Buy my book.

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