• Karen Heckman Stork

It's A New Year - 2018

Quote of the Day: Do what you can with what you have where you are. — Teddy Roosevelt

I never make New Year’s Resolutions; it’s too disappointing when I fail to accomplish them. However, I do have many New Year’s HOPES. There are so many worthy causes in need of support. Following are some of my hopes for 2018 both universal and personal:

I HOPE for tolerance for those who disagree with our viewpoints; let us try to have civil conversations without accusations.

And as a subset of this hope, I HOPE that those lawmakers in Congress who are on separate sides of the aisle can learn to work together in harmony (or at least without animosity) and look for compromise for the good of their constituents. And if this continues to be impossible, I HOPE for the possibility of Congressional term limits.

I HOPE for less strife between nations in the world so that my grandson (a newly-minted Army officer) will remain safe while serving his country. I also HOPE our veterans can receive whatever they need to live a good life in comfort, after the many years they give to keep our country safe.

I HOPE for more reverence for all life. I pray for fewer abortions, more charitable support for women facing this decision, and finding ways to help them choose life. I also pray for no more senseless killing of trophy animals from Africa or anywhere.

Because of my love of the ocean, I HOPE for increased efforts to clean up our seas across the world, and that will take an effort from all of us to give up the use of plastic and styrofoam containers for more biodegradable products.

On a very personal note, I HOPE for gainful employment for all those who wish to work (especially for someone close to me).

And as for myself in 2018, I HOPE for good health, good writing (preferably earning recompense) and a good outcome for my next adventure. More about that in the near future.

Action for the Week: Support what you care about. Please choose a worthwhile charity and support it however you can.

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