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Haikus from the Beach

I’ve been a little lax in writing my blogs lately for many reasons. I recently returned from a two-week visit to my hometown of Lincoln, NE. It was a wonderful reunion with old friends and my significant other. More about my Nebraska roots in a later blog.

For now, I shall just include a few of my favorite “haikus” that I’ve written while walking along the boardwalk or on the edge of the ocean at Carolina Beach. Some of my earlier haikus were written when I used to visit Panama City Beach, FL in February each year. After the “high” summer season here in Wilmington, NC, the beach is much quieter but still very nice in October and even beyond. This year the sea has been very active with numerous hurricanes passing by or getting very close. Waves have been large and great for surfing. Unfortunately, the rip currents have been very dangerous and several drownings have occurred.

A haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry form consisting of three lines with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count format and often focusing on images from nature. Enjoy!

Walking on the sand

Writing haikus on the beach.

Barefoot and sassy.

In my swing again

On the boardwalk by the sea,

Listening and watching.

People on the beach

Picking up shells and treasures

Belched up by the sea.

Listen to the sound.

No earbuds near the sea, please.

The ocean whispers.

A walk at high tide,

Waves rising and receding.

I stand mesmerized.

Diamonds on the sea

Glistening in the noon-day sun.

Better than jewelry.

Be still and listen

To the thunder of the sea.

Hear the voice of God.

Where land and sea meet

Gentle as a mother’s lips

Caressing my toes.

A southwest wind blows

White-capped waves against the shore.

The seagulls windsurf.

Sunset on the beach,

Clouds of pink, yellow and peach.

God has said good night.

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