• Karen Heckman Stork

Goodbye Nebraska

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you…Until we meet again.”

Goodbye to my family — My brother Tom to whom I’ve grown very close since our mother died in 2011. Also I will miss SAM (my sister, aunt, mom) Maggie and cousins Carol and Judy. Maggie has been my surrogate mom and monthly lunch partner for many years. We will keep in touch via phone and FaceTime. I love you so much!

Goodbye to members of Marv’s wonderful family — The Godfather and Rock Dr., Marv (just separated now by more miles but still my life’s partner always); Sarah Beth and Marcus and family, Marv’s daughter and my sister in Christ; Marv’s other daughter, Chris (whose heart is now in Kenya); Marv’s son Jon and Cinnamon (great book store owner and great supporter of writers); and Karene, Marv’s sister, and now my sista’ (she figuratively adopted me). I thank you all for making me a part of your family! I love you all!

Goodbye Big Red football — My allegiance will not change and I will continue to follow you with a local Wilmington UNL Alumni group.

Goodbye Runza — Iconic Nebraska success story and great food. My own grandma made runzas before they became available commercially — it’s a German-from-Russia favorite!

Goodbye Sandhill cranes — You were the last glorious natural spectacle that my family and I witnessed in 2005 before they moved to North Carolina. That endemic-to-Nebraska, awe-inspiring pageantry of thousands of birds returning and flying north, is not to be missed.

Goodbye Nebraska — I will miss your beautiful wide-open spaces where you can see for miles and your many scenic “hidden” areas that go unnoticed (and I secretly hope are not discovered so Nebraska remains only known to those of us who love her).

Goodbye my good friends and lunch partners — Barb and “the other” Barb (friends from high school for so many years), Jan (the busiest musician I know with the most friends), Patty and Nita (former choir members with me), Teresa (my fire department friend), Sue (my former renter) and Mary, my friend from 30 years ago who I recently rediscovered and will not let disappear from my life again.

Goodbye to my Carriage Glen “family” — How I enjoyed getting to know you all, every one of you (including staff) unique in your own special ways.

Goodbye all my other great friends from various walks of my life (though I can’t mention everyone personally — because I can’t remember everyone, an unfortunate sign of aging), I hope you will all want to come and visit me — I have an extra bed and the beach is near!

I leave y'all with this wish: May every sunrise bring you hope. May every sunset bring you peace.

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