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Updated: Sep 8, 2017

Quote of the Day: Writers will escape into their own world at any given time, without notice.

Well, now that my book is finished, copies are printed, and it will be available on Amazon on September 12, it’s time for the next step of my writing/publishing journey. It’s ….. marketing time! When I began this journey, I didn’t even think about what comes next after writing.

Many writers picture themselves in a writing mode — alone, closed off, in front of a blank page or blank computer screen. However, it is usually the writer’s responsibility to make sure that their story and book are publicized and made available for sale. After all, who knows a writer’s work better than the one who wrote the words. This is especially true in the self- or independent publishing arenas.

I began my marketing journey on September 1 at the Nebraska State Fair in the Nebraska Writer’s Guild (NWG) booth. The NWG is a professional association for writers of all disciplines, literary agents, educators, publishers, librarians, and youth who are interested in promoting the craft of writing in Nebraska. I’ve been a member for less than one year, but already have found the information and relationships invaluable.

Authors helping out in the booth can also sell their works. So I talked to fairgoers about NWG and about my book. I got to tell people who asked about my story, and I handed out business cards. Who knows what may result from this bit of personal interaction. It’s always fun to connect with potential readers.

Other marketing events are also planned starting on September 10 at my Book Launch Party and a book reading and signing event on September 20 at Carriage Glen. Three additional events are planned during October with additional information about those later on my website and Facebook Author page.

Action of the Week: Support a writer by sharing their posts with friends or writing a review on Amazon.

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