Screw the Eggshells book
“Where do you think 
you’re going?”

Throughout her twenty-three-year marriage, Karen Heckman Stork endured belittling and insulting remarks, sarcastic jokes, and barbed criticisms from her husband. The barrage of verbal abuse and controlling behavior eroded her self-confidence. To placate her husband and to protect herself, she adopted the coping mechanism of “walking on eggshells.” His controlling behaviors escalated until the night when Karen decided she would no longer deny her truth.

Screw the Eggshells: Finding My Self After Verbal and Emotional Abuse explains the author’s struggle through years of verbal and emotional abuse, and the underlying risk of physical violence. She shares her early years of growing up, and takes the reader through the chapters of her life that followed, filled with the adventures and realized dreams she experienced after finding her “self.” Helpful insights and resources are provided for those finding themselves in similar situations.

“How could you
be so stupid?"